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Department of Mechanical Engineering

About Department

Mechanical engineers are immensely requested in India and abroad. The development is sufficient in this industry, in reality expanding, as an ever-increasing number of individuals are indicating enthusiasm for this field. According to a review report, plentiful development is enrolled in this industry and it is said that by 2025 Mechanical Engineering will be the most generously compensated career alternative. Mechanical Engineers can work in the warm force industry, gas turbines industry, cooling and refrigeration industry, oil and gas investigation and refining businesses, horticultural area, instructive division, flight organizations, transporting businesses, airplane business, military, pharmaceutical, car industry, and numerous others. We Provide the best education for Mechanical Engineering. That’s why We are amongst Recognized Diploma Colleges in Mumbai for Mechanical Engineering.


Digital library with abundant books, national & international journals
Internet facility with  WI-FI Enabled Campus
Training & Placement Cell
100% Placement Assistance
Sports & Cultural facility
Spacious classrooms with adequate illumination & ventilation
Well equipped laboratories & workshop
Spacious drawing halls
Printed notes for students
Value-added training towards employable and entrepreneurial skills
Eminent and experienced faculty.
Auditorium for Academic & cultural program [NAKSHTRA]
Project & Paper Presentation competition [KURUKSHETRA]
Guardians to enhance the student’s performance
Workshop for personality development & Interview facing


 Private Sector

Automobile industry
Thermal power industry
HVAC and refrigeration industry
Oil and gas refining industries
Aviation companies
Shipping industries
Merchant Navy
Educational sector
Agricultural sector
Pharmaceutical and many others

Public Sector

Defense Services
Indian Railway & Metro Railway Corporation
Regional Transport Officer (R.T.O)
Municipal Corporation
Irrigation Department
Water supply Department
Government ITI Lecturer
MSEB Board
Bharat Electronics Limited & Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited

Job Description

Designing, Developing & modifications of equipment to improve safety and reliability
Checking Quality & Testing of equipment/processing plants
Project management
Monitoring and commissioning plant and systems

Vision & Mission


“To incorporate technical & professional skills in Mechanical Engineers to fulfill industrial & social needs”.


  • To educate, guide, and mentor the students for academic excellence.
  • To develop technical skills and discipline among the students as per the requirement of the industry.
  • To impart ethics & social values by arranging social activities.


Program Outcomes (POs)

  • PO 1. Basic and Discipline specific knowledge: Apply knowledge of basic mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals and automobile engineering to solve the mechanical engineering problems.

  • PO 2. Problem analysis: Identify and analyse well-defined engineering problems using codified standard methods in mechanical engineering.

  • PO 3. Design/ development of solutions: Design solutions for well-defined mechanical engineering problems and assist with the design of systems, components or processes to meet specified needs.

  • PO 4. Engineering Tools, Experimentation and Testing: Apply modern mechanical engineering tools and technique to conduct standard tests and measurements.

  • PO 5. Engineering practices for society, sustainability and environment: Apply mechanical engineering technology in context of society, sustainability, environment and ethical practices

  • PO 6. Project Management: Use engineering management principles individually, as a team member or a leader to manage projects and effectively communicate about well-defined mechanical engineering activities.

  • PO 7. Life-long learning: Ability to analyze individual needs and engage in updating in the context of technological changes.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • PEO 1. Provide socially responsible, environment friendly solutions to Mechanical engineering related broad-based problems adapting professional ethics.

  • PEO 2. Adapt state-of-the-art Mechanical engineering broad-based technologies to work in
    multidisciplinary work environments.

  • PEO 3. Solve broad-based problems individually and as a team member communicating effectively in the world of work.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • PSO 1. Modern Software Usage: Use latest Mechanical engineering related softwares for simple design, drafting, manufacturing, maintenance and documentation of mechanical engineering components and processes.

  • PSO 2. Equipment and Instruments: Maintain equipment and instruments related to Mechanical Engineering.

  • PSO 3. Mechanical Engineering Processes: Manage Mechanical engineering processes by selecting and scheduling relevant equipment, substrates, quality control techniques, and operational parameters.


Event Conducted in Academics

  • guest lecture on  “Mechatronics Workshop” by Dr. S. N. Teli conducted on 21.01.19 & 22.1.19
  • guest lecture on  “DME Expert Lecture” by Vivek Salve conducted on 18.01.19
  • guest lecture on  “Measurement and Control” conducted on 17.07.18
  • Workshop on “Automobile” by NTI Conducted on 19.07.18 to 21.7.18

Industry Institute Intraction

Faculty Profile

Mr. Jaslok Pandey

Designation In-Charge H.O.D
Nature of Association Regular
Department Mechanical
Date of joining the institution 18/06/2012
Qualification PG:- M.E.
Total Experience in years :  Teaching :8 Year
Industry  : 4 Year
Total Paper Published National  : 0
International: 0


Mrs. Priyanka Gurav

Designation  Lecturer
Nature of Association Regular
Department Mechanical
Date of joining the institution 17/08/2022

UG:- B.E. (Mech)

M.E. (Pursuing)

Total Experience in years :  Teaching : 0 Year
Industry  : 2 Year
Total Paper Published National  : 0
International: 0

Mr. Vishal Sagvekar

Designation Lecturer
Nature of Association Regular
Department Mechanical
Date of joining the institution 17/07/2023
Qualification UG:- B.E. (Mech)  
Total Experience in years :-  Teaching : 0 Years
Industry : 1.5 yrs
Total Paper Published National  :0 
International: 0

Mrs. Pushpa Patil

Designation Lecturer
Nature of Association Regular
Department Mechanical
Date of joining the institution 18/12/2023
Qualification UG:- M.E.(Mech) 
Total Experience in years : Teaching : 3 Years
Industry : 8 Years
Total Paper Published National  : 0
International: 01

Mrs. Yogita Kawade

Designation Lecturer
Nature of Association Regular
Department Mechanical
Date of joining the institution 21/08/2023
Qualification UG:- B.E.(Mech) 
Total Experience in years : Teaching : 01 Years
Industry : 0 Years
Total Paper Published National  :  0
International: 0


Measurement & Control Lab


  1. L.V.D.T Trainer
  2. Stroboscope
  3. Thermocouple
  4. Experiment Set-Up
  5. Rotameter
  6. Strain Gauge
  7. Trainer
  8. Capacitive
  9. Transducer Water
  10. Level Measurement
  11. Load Cell Trainer
  12. Hygrometer Sling
  13. Type
  14. Digital Vernier
  15. Dial Indicator

Metrology & Quality Control


  1. Dial Indicator
  2. Screw Pitch Gauge
  3. Plain Plug Gauge
  4. Ring Gauge
  5. Snap Gauge
  6. Micrometer
  7. Vernier Caliper
  8. Bevel Protractor
  9. Vernier Haight Gauge
  10. Surface Plate
  11. Sine Bar
  12. Dial Indicator Stand
  13. Optical Profile Projector
  14. Floating Carriage Micrometer
  15. Feeler Gauge
  16. Radius Gauge
  17. Thread Gauge
  18. Slip Gauge Set
  19. Taylor Hobson Tally Surf
  20. Optical Projector (Lcd)
  21. Vernier Caliper
  22. Micrometer
  23. Accordion item 2 content goes here.

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning


      1. Windows Ac Test Rig 1.0 Tr Capacity
      2. Water Cooler Test Rig
      3. Ice Plant Test Rig

Thermal Engg



      1. Locomotive Boiler Model
      2. Babcock &Wilcox Boiler
      3. Lancashire Boiler
      4. Green Economiser Model
      5. Wind Mill
      6. Cochran Boiler
      7. Spring Loaded Safety Valve
      8. Air Preheater
      9. Photo Voltaic Soler Equipment
      10. Soler Water Heater
      11. Arrangement Of Thermal Conductivity Setup
      12. Steffan Boltzman Apparatus
      13. Direct Contact Heat Exchanger
      14. Parallel Flow, Conter Flow, Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

Power Engg



      1. Exhaust Gas Analyser
      2. Digital Tachometer

Design Of Machine



      1. Model Of Cotter Joint
      2. Model Of Knuckle Joint
      3. Model Of Bell Crank Joint
      4. Model Of Screw Jack
      5. Model Of Helical
      6. Model Of Torsion Spring
      7. Model Of Helical Gear
      8. Model Of Bevel Gear
      9. Model Of Spur Gear

Theory Of Machine




      1. Model Of Single Plate Clutch
      2. Model Of Multi-Plate Clutch
      3. Model Of Band Break
      4. Model Of Shoe Brake
      5. Model Of Sprocket &Chain Mechanism
      6. Model Of Elliptical Trammel
      7. Model Of Oldham’s Coupling Small
      8. Model Of Single Plate Clutch
      9. Model Of Multi-Plate Clutch
      10. Model Of Band Brake
      11. Model Of Shoe Brake
      12. Model Of Sproker And Chain Mechanism Of Bicycl
      13. Model Of Cam And Followers

Power Plant Engg



      1. Model Of Wind Power Plant
      2. Model Of Tidal Power Plant
      3. Model Of Geothermal Power Plant
      4. Model Of Small Solar Power Plant
      5. Model Of Nuclear Power Plant
      6. Model Of Small Hydro-Electric Power Plant
      7. Model Of Steam Power Plant
      8. Model Of Belt Conveyor, Bucket Conveyor Screw Conveyor
      9. Model Of Gas Turbine Power Plant

Cad/Cam Lab



1) Lenovo, M 72 E Series Desktop – 30 nos.

Time Table





Assignments of 2nd Year

Assignments of 3rd Year

Microproject of 2nd Year

Microproject of 3rd Year

Model Answer Paper FY1I

Sr. No Subject Name Abbreviation Subject Code Answer Key
1 English ENG 22101 Model Answer
2 Basic Mathematics BMS 22103 Model Answer

Model Answer Paper FY2I

Sr. No Subject Name Abbreviation Subject Code Answer Key Answer Key Answer Key
2 Applied Mechanics               AME 22203 winter-2018 summer-2019 winter-2019
3 Applied Mathematics               AMP 22206 winter-2018 summer-2019 winter-2019

Engineering Drawing

              EDR 22207 winter-2018 summer-2019 winter-2019

Model Answer Paper SY3I

Sr. No Subject Name Abbreviation Subject Code Answer Key Answer Key Answer Key
1 Strenth Of Material                 SOM 22306 winter-2018 summer-2019 winter-2019
2 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering                  BEE 22310 winter-2018 summer=2019 winter-2019
3 Thermal Engineering                  TEN 22337 winter-2018 summer=2019 winter-2019
4 Mechanical Working Drawing                 MWM 22341 winter-2018 summer=2019 winter-2019
4 Engineering Metrology                  EME 22342 winter-2018 summer=2019 winter-2019

Model Answer Paper TY5I

Sr. No Subject Name Abbreviation Subject Code Answer Key
2 Elements of Machine Design                  EMD 22564 winter-2019
3 Power Plant Engineering                  PPE 22566 winter-2019