Department of Computer Engineering


The Computer Engineering program at SIOT Kharghar- One of Reputed Diploma Colleges in Navi Mumbai, stresses high accomplishment in principal information and practical critical thinking. We offer students a strong foundation in the central zones of Computer Science and introduction to front line computer advancements. SIOT is amongst well-known Diploma Colleges in Navi Mumbai. The computer Engineering program at SIOT stress high achievement. Computer Engineers draw foundation from the current branch of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Electrical Engineering stresses the theory and structure of equipment framework through a comprehension of electronic circuits, digital logic, and computer frameworks plan. Software engineering stresses the hypothesis and structure of huge programming frameworks that utilizes PC equipment to take care of wide range of issues.

Demand for computer engineers is growing in both the computer industry and also in the other industries which rely heavily on computer based systems. (Computer Engineering) program gives understudies a solid foundation in equipment and programming of engineering essentials. We offer a domain that gives little class sizes and individual thoughtfulness regarding understudies. No past computer experience is fundamental for understudies entering this program.

Being one of the Established Diploma Colleges in Navi Mumbai, The course gives students a strong background in the fundamentals of hardware and software design. Hardware courses covers electronic circuit design, digital logic design, and computer organization, architecture and interfacing. Programming courses pressure programming basics, discrete arithmetic, information structures, calculations and Software engineering.

The courses in Computer Engineering have some expertise in computer algorithms and the structure of complex programming frameworks alongside equipment subjects putting centre around PC frameworks plan, advanced sign preparing, picture processing, and others. The amalgamation of Hardware and Software alongside elective courses that permit understudies to tailor their examinations to meet their people needs and interests.

Key Features:

  • Adequate computing facilities for hands on experiments and learning.
  • Qualified, Experienced and student Concerned faculty.
  • Intrigue based introduction to Industry, Research, and Higher examinations (ME, MS and MBA, and so forth.)
  • Add-on courses for technical, communication and aptitude skills.
  • Individual checking of the advancement of every student.

Vision & Mission


“To contribute the society through excellence in scientific & knowledgeable based education of computer science professional”.




  • To transform students into technically components, socially responsible & ethical computer science professional.

  • To promote a creative teaching-learning process that will strive for academic excellence in the field of computer engineering.

  • To enhance the technical expertise of students through workshop & industry-institute interaction.

Faculty Profile

Mrs. Priyanka Rane

Designation Incharge H.O.D
Department Computer
Date of joining the institution 17 /6/ 2013
Qualification with Class / Grade UG. – BE(IT)PG- ME(Comp)
Total Experience in years:9 years Teaching: 9 years
Total Paper Published National: 1
Mrs. Priyanka Rane Lecturer

Mrs.Manisha Patil

Designation Lecturer
Department Computer
Date of joining the institution 07/07/2010
Qualification with Class / Grade UG. – BE (Computer)PG. -ME(Computer)
Total Experience in years Teaching:   12 year
Total Paper Published National  :
Mrs. Manisha Patil Lecturer

Mrs. Smita Kuldiwar

Designation Lecturer
Department Computer
Date of joining the institution 2 /7/ 2018
Qualification with Class / Grade UG. – BE(COMP)PG- ME(Comp)
Total Experience in years:6 Years Teaching: 4 years
Industry: 2 Year
Total Paper Published National  :
Mrs. Smita Kuldiwar Lecturer



Event Conducted in Academics

  • Guest lecture on EDP by Mr. Jalandar Mote on 27/02/2020
  • Quiz Competition on 17th Feb.


  • Social Activity “Stationary Donation” by students to kids of Girija Welfare Association, Kharghar on 23th Jan 2020.
  • Guest lecture on Guest Lecture on Artificial Intelligence on 21/01/2020
  • Guest lecture on Java Programming on 10/01/2020
  • Industrial Visit in “CETTM”, Powai. on 20/12/2019
  • Workshop on “Personality Development” by Alka Purohit on 20/2/2019
  • Industrial Visit in “CETTM”, Powai. on 6/9/2018
  • Guest Lecture on “Stress Management” by Onkar Devdhar on 3/8/2018
  • Social Activity “Stationary Donation” by students of the computer department to kids of Girija Welfare Association, Kharghar on 31/7/2018

Event Conducted in Academics

      • Social Activity on “Say No To Plastic” conducted on 13/7/2018

Event Conducted in Academics

      • Workshop on “Virtual Reality” conducted on 17,18/1/2018
      • Industrial Visit in “IIG” on 27/9/2017


      • Workshop on “ARDINO” on 22,23,24/9/2017
      • Workshop on “ANDROID”
      • Guest Lecture on the Importance of Programming language.
      • Guest lecture on Operating System for 3rd and 2nd year students.
      • Teachers Day Celebration
      • Guest lecture on Operating System for 3rd year students.


      • Workshop On J2ME Android for 3rd Year students


      • Technical Quiz Competition
      • Program Debugging Competition







        Model Answer Paper FY1I

        Sr. No Subject Name Abbreviation Subject Code Click Here
        1 English English 22101 Model Answer
        1 Maths Mathematics 22103 Model Answer

        Model Answer Paper FY2I

        Sr. No Subject Name Abbreviation Subject Code Click Here
        1 Element of Electrical Engineering EEC 22215 Model Answer
        2 Applied Mathematics AMI 22224 Model Answer
        3 Basic Electronics BEL 22225 Model Answer
        4 Programming in C PIC 22226 Model Answer

        Model Answer Paper SY3G

        Sr. No Subject Name Abbreviation Subject Code Click Here
        1 Applied Mathematics AMS 17301 Model Answer
        2 Data Structure Using C DSU 17330 Model Answer
        3 Electrical Technology ETG 17331 Model Answer
        4 Relational Database & Management System RDB 17332 Model Answer
        5 Digital Techniques DTE 17333 Model Answer

        Model Answer Paper TY5G

        Sr. No Subject Name Abbreviation Subject Code Click Here
        1 Java Programming JPR 17515 Model Answer
        2 Operating System OSY 17512 Model Answer
        3 Software Engineering SE 17513 Model Answer
        4 Computer Security CS 17514 Model Answer