Blog-“Blockchain Technology”

Many times, we heard news about leakage of question paper prior to start of exam process.
There are countless number of incidences happening across multiple universities. Examination process is one of the crucial process of evaluating academic performance of the students. Any such incident of question paper leakage would adversely affect brand value of the education institution or university.
The last few year have seen many disadvantages for the education system in India and have questioned the way we share information in our country. All this fiasco could have been solved if the education system were guided by the power of cryptography and the chain of blocks .We use a public blockchain with decentralized evaluation and maintenance of examination records where everything is in encrypted form to solve all the problems and provide a better alternative.
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To address the challenges of current education system, applied approach is called Blockchain In Education System (BIES). Blockchain is a disruptive technology, after a few years of implementation as the basis of digital currency, is showing itself to be an open resource with possibilities in different fields, also in education system .The key to the interest in this technology lies in its ability to move from a system of centralized data logging to a distributed system that ensures no alteration of the information and the maintenance of privacy. The proposed system present the improved examination system for addressing the challenges of paper leaks problems and also focusing the fake college diploma /Degree and other qualifications , is a huge problem in this age of professional-grade copying and printing services .To verify the authenticity of academic certificates and preventing the paper leak problem , proposed model employing a block chain technology, because of its greater security and transparency, less maintenance and lower cost than traditional alternatives.
Ms. Anita Dhami

Ms. Anita Dhami