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Our Department provides a sensational, solid foundation to the technical field and provides Best Polytechnic Courses. Engineering and Technology are completely implied for comfort humanity, it incorporates different controls like Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering & Technology, and last but not the least Information Technology.
Being one of the Top Polytechnic Colleges in Mumbai, the general development of all these disciplines dependent on the advancement in principal science, and they are applied to adapt as well.

In the Age of science’ knowledge of Physics is essential for everybody, because of its immense value in our everyday life. Its principal, laws, hypothesis, concept ideas are playing an important role in reinforcing the knowledge of technology.

Chemistry gives information on materials their properties and application. Chemistry is a basic science subject. It gives knowledge about the chemical properties of Engineering materials, selection of materials for engineering applications in various fields. It provides input for a better understanding of other core technologies and technology subjects. Saraswati Institute of Technology is one of the top polytechnic colleges in Mumbai. We provide Best Polytechnic Courses for all main streams in Engineering. The core Knowledge of environmental effects brings awareness in students about the precautions and preventions to be taken to reduce the ill effects. It has an extraordinary commitment in medication, advancement of aircraft emission impact studies, Electrochemical industry, Preventive metallic coatings, plastic, elastic, glues, modern waste & treatment processes, ceramics, cement, paint and pigments, food industry, electrically insulating material, pharmaceutical, purification of water, fertilizers, in nursing and everyday life.

Physics is an exciting intellectual adventure that inspires young people and expands the frontiers of our knowledge which is needed for the future technological advances that will continue to drive the economic engines of the world. Physics adds to the mechanical foundation and gives prepared workforce expected to exploit logical advances and disclosures. Physics is an important element in the education of chemists, engineers, computer science, earth science, agricultural, biological and environmental science, plus astrophysics and cosmology subjects. Physics improves our personal satisfaction by giving the fundamental understanding important to growing new instrumentation, and innovation for clinical applications, for example, PC tomography, attractive reverberation imaging, positron emanation tomography, ultrasonic imaging, and laser surgery.

Mathematics develops logical thinking, analytical, and systematic approach, which is essential to analyze and comprehend technical problems and principles.

English and communication skill, and life skill, develop the oral and written skill of language so that the students can present themselves emphatically in today’s world of advertisement



Departmental Activities 2021-2022

Ideathon on 28th Feb 2021-22(National Science Day)

Departmental Activities 2019-2020

Induction Program of FE on 2/08/2019:-

Departmental Activities 2018-2019

Survey Camp, Bhadardara on 17/02/2019 to 19/02/2019. :-

Plant Field Visit at NMMC Water Treatment, Seawoods, Navi Mumbai on 28/01/2019. :-

Department organized the parents-teachers meeting . :-

Guest Lecture on Maths Techniques ” On 14/01/2019:-

Departmental Activities 2017-2018

Seminar on E-Learning Process ” On 16/02/2018:-

Plant Field Visit at NMMC Water Treatment, Seawoods, Navi Mumbai on 12/02/2018. :-

Guest lecture on Stress Management & Ethical Values” On 31/01/2018


F.E. Orientation Programme :-

Department of engineering sciences & humanities had arranged the Induction Programme for FE newcomers’ students on 11th Aug ’2017. Through this program, the FE HOD Mrs. Y.D.Wasu introduced the students to the Saraswati Institute Of Technology. The Programme included the introduction of all faculty members, non-teaching & office staff & the infrastructure as well as laboratories & Library. A detailed list of rules & regulations about discipline & other official formalities was instructed to the students. Students were made aware of syllabus, tests, term work, practical exams & overall academic pattern to be followed in the duration of the first year of engineering. All the HOD of the respective Department presented the Departmental presentations. Hon. The principal also addressed the gathering & wished all the students a warm welcome and a great success.

Successfully Running Activities

1. Every week Test Series is going successfully in First Year (All Division).

  1. Internal practical test before the Final exam is going successfully with lots of improvements.
  2. Prelims exam before board exams.
  3. Viva Voce during the practical period.
  4. Guest lecture & expert lecture series.
  5. Project & quiz competition.
  6. Audio-Video, Demo Lectures & many more.

Activities conducted for the staff & students improvement:-

  1. Conducted a Spoken English and Soft-skills development course for first, second, and third-year Students of RVIOT. The duration of the course was 40 hours.
  2. A spiritual speech was delivered by activists from bramahakumari.


Felicitation Programme of the students:-

Extracurricular activities:- Tree Plantation

Fresher’s Party



Almost all the students participated in MARATHON 2013 held at Kharghar by Saraswati education society. The theme of this Marathon was “Women’s Safety & Students Wellness”. Mrs.Archana Ghodake & Mr. Anwar Shaikh Faculty from the first-year department worked as an organizer for this mega event.

Industrial Visits

Industrial visit & Historical Visit was organized for the 1stYear student to the Bombay Rayon limited, Silvassa Gujarat.


Conducted “Srinivasa Ramanujan Maths Competition 2013”:-

Department Conducted “Srinivasa Ramanujan Maths Competition” at chapter level under the Indian Society of Technical Education so as to develop the Mathematical Skills“Srinivasa Ramanujan Maths Competition”. The exam was headed by Mrs. Supriya Chavan’s lecturer in chemistry. Near about 83 students participated. Out of this 05 students qualified for Zonal Level.


Intercollegiate Participation:-

Many students of the first year participated in an intercollegiate robotics competition held at Saraswati College of engineering at the electronics & telecommunication department.

Cultural Activities:-

The record number of students participated in the cultural events during our annual fest Nakshatra-2014 and bagged a number of prizes too.

Faculty Profile

Mrs. Yogita Wasu(HOD)

Designation Incharge HOD
Department Sciences & Humanities Department
Date of joining the institution 29/03/2010
Qualification UG :- B. Sc, B.Ed PG: – M.Sc. (Inorganic Chemistry)
Total Experience in years-:18 Years Teaching: 16 year
Industry: 2 year
Total Paper Published National: 10
International: 2


Mr. Samadhan P. Landge

Designation Lecturer
Department Sciences & Humanities Department
Date of joining the institution 10 Sep 2008
Qualification UG:- B.EdPG:- M.A.(English)
Total Experience in years-:14 Years Teaching: 14 Years
Total Paper Published National  :
Mr. Samadhan Landge Lecturer

Mrs. Vrushali Patil

Designation Lecturer
Department Sciences & Humanities Department
Date of joining the institution 1 Aug 2019
Qualification with Class / Grade UG:- B.Sc PG:- M.Sc.( Maths)
Total Experience in years-:13 Years Teaching: 13 year
Total Paper Published National  :



Physics Lab

Chemistry Lab

Language Lab







Second Sem Syllabus





Model Answer Paper FE1G

Sr. No Subject Name Abbreviation Subject Code Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
1 English ENG 22101 Summer-18 Winter-18 Summer-19 Winter-19
2 Basic Mathematics BMC 22103 Summer-18 Winter-18 Winter-19 Summer-19
3 Engineering Drawing ED 22207 Winter-19 
4 Applied Mechanics AME 22203 Winter-19 
5 Applied Mathematics AM 22201 Winter-19 
6 Basic Electronics BEC 22225 Summer-18  Summer-19
7 Construction Materials CM 22204 Model Answer 

Defaulter List

Defaulter List 

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