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Hon. Prithviraj Deshmukh

Saraswati Institute Of Technology | Chairman’s Message

Hon. Prithviraj Deshmukh (Chairman,SES)Chairman’s Message:

Saraswati Institute of Technology (SIOT) has been established with a vision to become a leading research organization in the world & make our youth globally competent to take up the challenges in ever-expanding fields of technology. SIOT has been established with a vision to become one of the Well-known Polytechnic Colleges in Navi Mumbai.


The college is committed to the objective of teaching students with the best in the class framework by profoundly qualified and competent faculty. Since its inception, SIOT has laid a lot of emphasis on quality education. We have created and presented an in-house arrangement of value affirmation, which on a nonstop premise assesses and screens the nature of training conferred to students. We provide the best curriculum and train our students so that they are actually prepared as well as have an overall created character to confront the difficulties of the corporate world with confidence and commitment. This is the reason why we are amongst well-known Polytechnic Colleges in Navi Mumbai.


We are also very proud of our intellectual capital- the team of rich and highly qualified faculty who wholeheartedly work towards providing the students the best they can, at the same time overhauling themselves of the most recent patterns and advances by participating in different sorts of research exercises.


We believe in making our students, employable as well as ‘Industry Ready’, having the most recent functional presentation to fit into their forthcoming job profiles effectively. Being one of the well-known Polytechnic Colleges in Navi Mumbai, We wish our students all the best to excel in and emerge as leaders and innovators in their chosen lines of the profession.


As the chairman of this foundation, I expect the full interest and participation of all our students, faculties and guardians to make our vision achievable to the real world. Also, I would like to say this especially to all my beloved students and alumni’s. If there is any help that you may require, may it be private or professional, I shall always be available and ready to listen to you.


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