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Nirvana 2020

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SIOT hosting a cultural event which starts from 19th Feb, 2020 to 26th Feb, 2020. So this is regarding to inform you about the CULTURALFEST 2020- NIRVANA, Organized by MECECO (SIOT).
It’s our pleasure to invite you all at the CULTURALFEST 2020- NIRVANA. The events will focus on various activities and competitions. The event will start at 10.00am everyday from 19th Feb, 2020 to 26th Feb, 2020.

DJ has been organised on
25th Feb, 2020 (Timings- 4.00pm to 7.00pm).

Guys if you want to participate in any of the activities mentioned below please contact:

📞Anup Shirke (3rd yr Mechanical): 8369694903.

Abhishek Ughade (3rd yr Computer): 9653313540.📞

Activities are:
1. Solo dance
2. Group dance
3. Solo singing
4. Group singing
5. Musical Instrument playing
6. Flash mob
7. Skit (Marathi, Hindi, English)


1. Rose Day 🌹(10 girls and 10 boys) this event would be celebrated using voting system to check who is more popular in the college. Students can give names to the above mentioned contacts. 🌹

2. Mr and Miss NIRVANA (10 girls and 10 boys) 👸🏻🤴🏻

Winners will be facilitated with prizes and certificates.

Fun event:

1. Fishpond day: it is an activity in which a person can write message, quotes and song lyrics to dedicate it to another person (teachers or student). We all will provide you with chits in which you have to write your message and the person’s name whom you are dedicating it to. You don’t have to specify your own name in it. These messages will be read out in front of everyone.
A dropbox will be there near the principal’s office where you have to put these chits.

We all will have a great time together it’s our promise to you all.🎈